Creative Concepts

Saltbrick Tavern

The team behind Craveable Hospitality Group is bringing our signature inventive and engaging dining experience to our contemporary pub. Led by Executive Chef Christopher Kim and Executive Pastry Chef Tracy Wilk, SaltBrick Tavern reimagines tavern classics, featuring beef dry-aged through our patented SaltBrick process, along with whimsical desserts. Come by and enjoy a refined approach to tavern fare, enhanced by creativity and elevated hospitality.

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JIMMY is a contemporary interpretation of the classic pub, with a 1970’s New York twist curated by David Rabin and Johnny Swet.

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Handwich Shop

Handwich Shop /’han, (d)wiCH/ noun palm-sized sandwich. An item of food consisting of two pieces of artisanal bread with meat, cheese or other filling between them; fits in your hand. Derived from sandwich

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Bacon Bar

The Bacon Bar is a new take on the American sandwich shop with a focus on fresh, unexpected ingredients and the innovative use of bacon. BBB serves up crave-worthy mini-sandwiches (“handwiches”), salads, sides and desserts. Bacon Bar allows on-the-go diners to mix and match three selections of sophisticated, modern interpretations of classic lunch box, and lunch counter favorites.

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Angry Taco

Angry Taco offers clean, fresh, authentic Mexican flavors combined with innovative variations that are enjoyable, easy to order and can be taken on the go. The festive atmosphere is conducive to creative ordering, a shared experience with other diners, and celebrating the evolution of "fast" food.

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Aspen Kitchen

Nestled in the core of downtown Aspen, steps away from the ski-lifts and surrounded by world class boutiques, Aspen Kitchen pays tribute to the heritage and traditions of the West with a warm inviting atmosphere and an adventurous spirit befitting its legendary location.

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Rickhouse Social

Designed to emulate a true barrel house of a distillery, lose yourself in our warm and inviting lounge where whiskey flows as if siphoned right from the barrel.

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Celebrity Chef Concepts

David Burke Kitchen

David Burke Kitchen is an authentic, regionally sourced and offers thoughtfully selected market-fresh cuisine with a focus on the craft of cooking and sharing hearty, rustic American food. The artisan menu features items prepared with creativity and refined technique. Kitchen celebrates the integrity of ingredients at their peak, presented with a deft hand, and served alongside the finest wines and spirits.

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David Burke Prime

Prime is the classic New York steakhouse. Vibrant and vast, Prime features classic and creative preparations of the world’s finest steaks, aged in an on-premises patented salt-brick aging room, as well as seafood, chops and more. In a rock & roll atmosphere, with a world renowned 3,000-bottle wine tower and professional and knowledgeable service, Prime will ensure the most remarkable dining experience.

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This powerhouse restaurant group blends hospitality and culinary innovation to create awe inspiring dining experiences. Each of our individual establishments and brands work to push the limits of refined sophisticated cuisine through; creative presentations, dynamic menu offerings, dramatic design features, hospitality and guest centric style of service, as well as uniquely designed beverage programming and culinary techniques.

With many decades of collective experience, we leverage our resources and experience in full service hospitality and restaurant consulting to assist our clients through innovative and strategic counsel.


Trilogy, a chic and contemporary American café featuring innovative twists on classic dishes, offering a variety of culinary options bringing together film, fare and libations for moviegoers and culinary enthusiasts alike.

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